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Alien Worlds: Ultimate Starter Guide

Written by Regi Stubbs

June 29, 2021

Alien Worlds is one of the most popular NFT games. It works on the blockchain, revolves around NFTs, and offers a new type of gaming experience that might be unfamiliar to you.

It can take weeks to master the intricacies of Alien Worlds. There is simply little information available and it requires some knowledge of crypto. To get you started, we’ve created the ultimate Alien Words wiki so you can start rolling in the money right away.

This guide explains from A to Z what Alien Worlds is, how to get started, and offers some best practices.

alien worlds starter guide

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is primarily a strategy game with a simulated economy where players compete for the scarce resource called Trillium (TLM). Unlike regular games, there is a bit of math involved here. Namely, to become more effective at amassing Trillium and getting more rewards, you need to combine the right equipment and pick the most suitable landscapes to mine on, which is far from easy.

What makes this game so special is the use of NFTs. NFTs (short for non-fungible tokens) is a proof of ownership for a specific digital object. This object can be an image, video, piece of music or more.

Alien Worlds has used NFTs in the form of weapons, tools, lands and characters. This means that if you manage to obtain a tool, you are the owner of this unique object. This information can be viewed by anyone and is verified and stored in the blockchain of WAX which is a cryptocurrency.

Players can then put these NFTs up for sale at a price that they decide for themselves resulting in a free market of trade between players with many arbitrage opportunities.

So in this game, you invest some money to get good NFTs after which you start putting these NFTs to work to earn money. The charm of Alien Worlds is mainly in this ROI component.

Back to the game. Once you’ve obtained good tools and choose a nice piece of land, you are ready to start mining!

So how do you play Alien Worlds? Well, the mining itself isn’t the most exciting activity … All you have to do is click a button, after which your reward is released almost immediately. Next, you get a cooldown of 15 minutes to 2 hours before you get to mine again. Well … Fortunately, it makes you money.

How do people make money with Alien Worlds?

There are players who earn as much as 250$ per day by playing Alien Worlds. 2x as much as the average salary in the Netherlands. How can this be?

By playing Alien Worlds you can earn money in the following 2 ways:

Mining. Mining is the core activity where you click on a button every so often. With mining, you are guaranteed to get TLM and also a shot at a potentially valuable NFT reward. Better equipment means more earnings. So most likely you’ll have to invest a hefty sum of money to reach an interesting ROI with Alien Worlds.

Trading NFTs. NFTs are obtained by mining or buying them from other players through an NFT marketplace. Because NFTs have a limited supply, they could increase in value over time, after which you can sell them for a profit. For the landlords among us, if you own a land NFT you get a commission from anyone who mines on your land, generating a nice passive income.

We will now go into more detail on how to get started with mining and other interesting features that Alien Worlds offer.

Mines in Alien Worlds

When you just get started, you start with two simple tools: a shovel and a standard drill.

alien worlds starting equipment

As you can probably imagine, you are not going to become financially independent with this. With these two simple tools, you will earn about 0.15 TLM per 15 minutes, which converts to about $0.05 USD.

To increase your TLM reward, you need to buy stronger tools from other players on one of the following NFT marketplaces: AtomicHub or NFTHive.

You can also try to mine with these tools and hope to receive an NFT reward, however, chances are slim.

Alien Worlds allows you to use 3 tools at the same time. These tools can basically do three things for you:

  1. Increase reward. Some tools dominantly increase the TLM reward per mining attempt. Other tools dominantly increase the chance of an NFT drop. There are also balanced tools.
  2. Shorten or extend cooldown. Some tools have a cooldown time of 15 minutes, while some require 2 hours. Tools with a shorter cooldown time also usually mine smaller amounts of TLM per mine.
  3. Increase mining speed. When you start mining, it takes about ten seconds before you can claim your rewards. Some tools speed this up.

The specific bonuses are shown on the front side of the NFT on the following locations:

alien worlds tools explained

Charge time (seconds): the text part indicates the charge time of your tools before you can use them again. By the way, the total charge time is calculated by adding up the charge times of your two slowest tools.

Trillium Mining power: on the top left is the mining power. The higher, the more TLM you can mine.

NFT luck multiplier: on the bottom right is the luck multiplier. The higher this number the greater the chance of an NFT drop. The chance of an NFT drop is in the worst case 1%. But by selecting tools and maximizing this Luck, this can increase to as much as 35%.

POW multiplier: Mining is done under a process called Proof of Work. This means that a computer must do a calculation to successfully complete the mining process. This makes the speed of a computer a factor and can make mining on phones a lot slower. Tools with a higher POW value can lower the CPU load and thus reduce the waiting time. The consequence of a low POW is a 5 to 10 second longer wait time. Therefore, most players do not find this a crucial statistic to maximize.

Which one you should take depends on what you want to achieve with mining. Do you want to go for the chance of good NTFs or do you prefer consistent TLM mining? Or are you rather a “medium” person who wants a little of both.

You can own up to 3 tools, so choose wisely. By the way, you can also use three of the same tool.

Mining tools rarity

There are 6 different rarity’s. Less common tools offer better bonuses, look slicker and are often pricier. Here are them in a row from most to least common.

  1. Abundant
  2. Common
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythic

Mining tools categories

In Alien Worlds, you have 4 types of mining tools:

  1. Extractor
  2. Manipulator
  3. Exotool
  4. Explosive

The categories offer nothing special except that some categories generally have more Luck or more Mining power.

Alien Worlds does plan to do something with these categories in the future.

Mining tools shining

When you have four of the exact same NFTs, you can do a shine upgrade costing you a certain amount of TLM. This means that out of those 4 same NFTs you create one new one with a more rare shine. Higher shines offer better performance.

There are 4 levels of shine:

  1. Stone
  2. Gold
  3. Stardust
  4. Antimatter
shining alien worlds

Shine make tools stronger. The higher the shine, the stronger the tool. Also, higher shines are worth more.

Shining is done as follows:

  1. Make sure you have 4 identical NFTs and log in to with your wax wallet
  2. Press the NFT card you want to improve
  3. Press “Shine”
  4. Select the cards
  5. Press “start shining”

Overview of all tools and stats

The Alien Worlds tool list is a must-have. You can’t make efficient decisions without it. Save it and keep it handy at all times. Check out this spreadsheet for all the tools and stats sorted by rarity.

alien worlds tool list

Example builds. On this site, you can combine tools with land and test the builds: 

But before you do that, you need to know what the role of planets and lands are in Alien Worlds.

How does land work in Alien Worlds?

The universe of Alien Worlds, the Alien Worlds Federation, contains 6 planets. In the image below you can see 3 of them.

alien worlds planets

In turn, each planet consists of about 200 pieces of land which are represented by the black squares and which can be located by coordinates where coordinate 1-1 is the top leftmost square.

alien world planet

Not every piece of land is the same. There are 20 different types of land:

  1. Rocky
  2. Desert
  3. Mountain
  4. Volcano
  5. Island
  6. Beach
  7. Grassy
  8. Forest
  9. etc.

Also helpful to know, is that some land types are not found on every planet. Furthermore, other planets do not offer a unique advantage when it comes to mining.

What’s the deal with lands?

Land plays an important role in mining. The properties of your tools are multiplied by the land type, these are called multipliers. Therefore, you try to make the most efficient combinations between land and tools.

Land contains the following properties:

  • TLM multiplier: how much TLM mining is boosted
  • Charge time multiplier: The duration of the cooldown after each mining attempt.
  • NFT luck modifier: how much the chance of an NFT drop is increased during mining;
  • Proof of work (PoW) reduction: the mining difficulty level. Mining in Alien Worlds can take quite a long time, especially on land types like Active Vulcano. With proof of work reduction, you can easily reduce this waiting time so that you get stuck less often. Although you can more easily mine plains and grasslands, they are less profitable.
land types

Each alien worlds land type has its advantages and disadvantages. Which land is best to choose depends on:

Short or long sessions? If you prefer longer sessions, lands with higher charge time are recommended.

Are you going for NFTs or TLM? Some want to mine as much TLM as possible while others want to increase their chances of an NFT drop. For each goal you need a different type of land.

How do you get land?

Land was once distributed by Alien Worlds via an NFT sale. Whether this will happen again is unknown. Currently, you can only get land by buying the NFT from another player.

Being a landowner is very interesting. They get a commission from all the players that mine on their land. A landowner can get up to 20% of the profit. On some websites, you can look up the commission of each land. Look carefully at the commission percentages. There are also countries with 0% commission! With the help of this handy database, you will know exactly which country to use.

alien worlds land commissions database

Type the alien worlds country type in the red box above and click ‘Com %’. Then the table will be sorted by commission percentage.

Mining TLM

To mine as much TLM as possible, you need land with a high TLM multiplier with average charge times.


NFTs can make a lot of money. On the contrary, to increase the odds of Alien World NFTs, you need high NFT multipliers with average recharge times.


If you don’t have a specific preference and value both efficient mining and chances of NFT drops then these alien worlds lands are best suited:

  1. Sandy Coastline
  2. Grassland
  3. Rocky Crater
  4. Grass Coastline
  5. Icy Mountains

In your search for NFTs, consider landowner commissions and different recharge times. Also, consider your schedule. At different times some lands are more suitable than others.

How does Alien Worlds calculate the mining reward?

We have now arrived at the math. Exactly how much you can mine at per attempt depends on several factors such as your tool stack and the type of land you choose to mine on.

The four summed statistics of your tools and land determine the final amount of TLM, the total delay, and the probability of receiving an NFT.

Using the following formulas you can calculate the total amount of TLM:

  • Mining Power = Land Multiplier x (all the Mining Power of the tools added up)
  • Mining Reward = Mining Power of the Planet x Mining Power
  • Chance of NFT = Land Multiplier x (The NFT luck of all Tools added together). 
  • Load Time = Land Multiplier x (The load times of the two slowest tools added together). This means that your fastest tool is not included in the calculation of the total load time.
alien worlds calculations

Example calculation

Hopefully, an example calculation will make it all a little easier. Here we compare a standard shovel with (another example).

Statistics standard shovel
TLM: 1
Charge time: 80 seconds
NFT: 0.5

Shovel vs. Plains

total TLM multiplier: 0.6 x 1 = 0.6

total charge time: 80 x 0.7 = 56 (sec)

total NFT multiplier: 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25

Shovel vs. Active Volcano

total TLM multiplier: 2.5 x 1 = 2.5

total charge time: 80 x 5 = 400 (sec)

total NFT multiplier: 2.5 x 0.5 = 1.25

You can see that the Active Volcano gives more rewards, but requires a longer cooldown. The question now is, “which one gives the most rewards at the end of the day”?

We leave that up to you to calculate. You can immediately see whether you like this game or not!

There is still one part of the formula missing. That is the planet.

Each planet contains a pool of TLM that has been staked by players. The size of the pool affects the amount of TLM rewards you get by the following formula:

Total amount of TLM per mining = mining power x pool size planet

The pool size of each planet can be found on the Alien Worlds dashboard.

p.s. If you’re curious about the answer to the question I just asked, you can easily use the builder tool to find it out quickly:

Alien worlds planets and staking

Planets contain lands where you can get to work as a miner. It matters somewhat which planet you choose, as not every type of land is present on every planet in the same quantity:

planets and land overview

Besides the available land types, planets have another special feature: they are independent organizations with their own board of 5 members.

Each planet has its own board of 5 members which is elected by the players.

You can see the candidates, nominate yourself and vote via the Alien Worlds website:

What can a board do?


Staking plays an important role in the voting process. Here are the benefits of staking:

  1. The more you strike, the more heavily your vote counts.
  2. More Trillium allocation to the planet. On a daily basis, each planet receives Trillium from the Federation. This can be distributed to stakers, landowners, miners, or something completely different that can add value to the planet. This is decided by the board of a planet.

Players can vote for multiple planets at once. Each planet has a Trilium fund, which is a percentage of the Trilium mined from that planet.

Planets are free to do anything they want: try to take over each other, create their own NFTs or user interfaces, and much more. Each planet’s DAO committee decides how to distribute the budget in any way it sees fit. The possibilities are endless.

Alien worlds unstaking. There are times when you want to re-claim some TLM. Unstaking can be done easily from the staking menu. Select the appropriate world and then fill in how much you want to unstake.

alien worlds unstaking

Unstaking lasts for two days to prevent the biggest players from removing all their TLM just before the TLW allocation and leaving for another planet.

Staking incentives. Certain planets like Neri have staking incentives. If you strike 200 TLM weekly at a certain map location, you stand a chance of winning crypto monkey NFTS. This is because the landowner has the ability to drop NFTs for those who mine there. It’s definitely worth it since crypto monkey NFTs can be worth $500 at the moment.

What are weapons and minions used for in Alien worlds?

Alien Worlds weapons. In this comprehensive overview, you will find all weapons available in Alien Worlds, including the mining difficulty. All details will give you an idea of which weapons are worth the most.

weapons overview alien worlds

Alien Worlds Minions. In the future, minions become very important during Thunderdome battles. At first glance, it doesn’t seem so complex, but you will be amazed how much is involved in minions.

Therefore, take advantage of these handy minion statistics that include efficiency per minion. 

minions alien worlds

Although little information is available about Thunderdome it is clear that you will be using the weapons and minions here. Thunderdome is PVP-based, so you will be fighting against players with similar ranks or skills for TLM and NFTs. Make sure you get strong weapons and strong minions.

Alien worlds FAQ

Like every game, Alien Worlds has errors. 
When playing you should pay close attention to the following four things: CPU, RAM, WAX and NET.

In your dashboard, you can see all the information. Prevention is always better than the solution. By putting 1-5 wax on your account you can prevent almost all alien world errors.

Thanks to staking you get a large amount of CPU daily. In addition, every 24 hours your CPU will be reset. So sometimes you have to have some patience if you have problems.

Here come the most common alien world questions and errors.

What is the meaning of mint numbers? The word mint is a bit confusing. Compare it to metal coins that are being minted and then put into circulation. Minting is just a fancy word for creating NFTs.

Every NFT minted is tagged by a mint number so everyone knows how many are in circulation and when a specific NFT was minted. The first-ever mint of an NFT is mint number 1. Lower mints (< 10) are often more valuable. 

I got the RAM error while playing Alien Worlds. RAM works a little differently than CPU. A RAM error usually only occurs when your wallet contains a lot of NFTs. RAM must be purchased, unlike CPU, the RAM you buy will be yours and you’re always able to sell back your RAM for the exact same price.

Alien Worlds error “You are out of cpu”. The Alien Worlds error ”you are out of cpu” is very common. This error usually occurs after 1 or 2 days. Not surprising since many people use a WAX wallet for the first time. You use CPU power from other computers, for which you pay a small amount of wax. When you run out of wax you will get the error “you are out of CPU”. This error is easily solved by staking CPU in your WAX-wallet-dashboard. With only 10 WAX you can prevent you are out of CPU errors in the future.

Alien worlds reCAPTCHA. In order to access a website, everyone has to check a small box at some point to prove that you are not a robot. This box along with the visual or audio test is called reCAPTCHA. CAPTCHA tools are a reassuring security measure for businesses. In Alien worlds, reCAPTCHA has been able to keep bots away.
The annoying thing is that now there are captchas even in mining. There are a few ways you can avoid them: don’t use a VPN, log into your google account, shake your mouse when you have a captcha. Bonus tip: don’t click on the box but on the whole white box. This is going to save you a lot of time.

Alien Worlds failed to fetch. Many players suffered from the ”alien worlds failed to fetch” error. Be patient, it often resolves itself, it can also have to do with maintenance of the game and updates. You can sometimes log in if you try again after a few minutes or an hour. Restarting has also solved the problem for some players.

Alien worlds automated mining/ Alien worlds flagged. In the beginning, many players were doing automated mining. We do not recommend this, as you may get flagged, which you will definitely notice during mining. No matter which tools you use, you will only receive a portion of 1 Trillium per attempt, in the range of 0.00003 to 0.00005. The use of bots is not allowed and Alien Worlds’ flagging system keeps the game fair for everyone. If you are unfairly affected by the system you should leave a message on the official Discord support.

Alien Worlds “you must set your bag before mining”. After registration, you can finally start mining. But after trying and pressing the claim button you might get the following error message: ”You must set your bag before mining”. When you press the bag button you get the header “My Bag”, but the window is unfortunately empty.

“Can’t change land while bag is locked” error. Wait until your cooldown timer is 0 and then change your land.