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Bomb Crypto: Chest Rewards & Guide

Written by Regi Stubbs

October 1, 2021

Bomb crypto is a play-to-earn bomber game on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Although it is not a highly interactive game, it does enable you to make money. The fact that it isn’t interactive is actually desirable for many, as it will generate an income passively.

In this post, we’ll cover all the basics so you can get started quickly. You can also watch the video below if you like.

How much do you earn with Bomb Crypto?

In Bomb Crypto, there are 3 different gameplay modes: Treasure mode, Battle mode, and Story mode.

Currently, you can only play Treasure Mode, but that’s okay since the money is made here. Let’s go over the chest rewards available in Treasure Mode.

Chest rewards

prisonerThis is an automatic mode, where your heroes will destroy chests to receive BCOIN or Heroes. Currently, this is the only mode available.

In Treasure mode, you can come across 4 types of chests, brown being the smallest and blue the biggest. You can also come across a prisoner which will reward you with a brand new hero upon destruction.

For specific chest rewards in Bomb Crypto see the table below.

Chest type Reward (BCOIN) HP
Brown 0.0143 80
Purple 0.033 170
Gold 0.163 800
Blue 0.33 1300
Jail Hero 2000

The value of BCOIN ranges between 1 to 3 dollars. Check the current price here.

How much BCOIN you make depends on how many Heroes you have and also how strong the Heroes are. A single weak Hero can make 0.5 to 1 BCOIN per day, while a single strong Hero can make more than 4 BCOIN per day.

To calculate how much you earn exactly, you can use the simulator.

It’s a great tool to get a sense of the ROI of Bomb Crypto and whether you think it’s worth investing in this game.

How to get started with Bomb Crypto?

Let’s first go over how Treasure Mode works.

The maps in Treasure Mode have many chests that you have to destroy with your Bomber Heroes.

So to get started, you first need a Bomber Hero, which costs you 10 BCOIN to make.

Once you invest 10 BCOIN, you will receive a Bomber Hero.

Some Bomber Heroes are stronger than others. Receiving a strong one is simply based on luck. Here are the drop rates:

Rarity Drop rate
Common 83%
Rare 10%
Super Rare 5%
Epic 1%
Legend 0.5%
Super Legend 0.04%

Per account, you can have a maximum of 15 Bomber Heroes strolling around the map.

You can also make many accounts. Some friends of mine actually have 10+ accounts running day and night, making them a few hundred dollars every day passively!

Besides the rarity, each Bomber Hero also have different stats. Some basic stats like speed, bomb strength and endurance can vary a lot between each Bomber Hero.

But then some Heroes can also have special stats like the ability to walk through objects. Which ones you get are totally random.

Heroes can be acquired in 3 ways:

  1. rescue hero. In treasure mode, you can come across a prisoner. Saving it will give you a Hero for free which first needs to be recovered though.
  2. buy in the shop.  Users can buy the Bomber Heroes via the in-game shop using BCOIN.
  3. auction in the marketplace (not released yet)

Upgrading your Heroes. Lastly, a Bomber Hero can be upgraded. Upgrading a bomber consumes another bomber(s) of the same level and some BCOIN. 


upgrading bomber hero

Stamina & Housing

Each Bomber Hero has his own stamina. And when it is drained out, the Bomber Hero will go back to the house, to recover before continuing working again.

With a full stamina bar, Bomber Heroes can work for around 30 minutes. This number differs depending on the individual stats. 

Resting takes up to 2 hours but also depends on individual stats.

Purchasing a house can speed up the resting time.

Houses can be decorated with fancy items which can make heroes recover faster and potentially reveal more abilities, but items are not released until Q1 2022.


Buying BCOIN and getting started

BCOIN  can be bought through Pancakeswap or just through Poocoin. 

You need to have a wallet on the Binance Smart Chain filled with some BUSD or BNB. 

Then you can follow this link to Poocoin. Click on the trade button and change your BUSD or BNB to BCOIN. You need at least 10 BCOIN to buy 1 Hero.

Now you got your BCOIN go to the Bomb Crypto app and have some fun.

Future updates

Battle mode. This is the mode where you battle against other players. This is not released yet and is expected at the end of 2022.
Story mode. Here you can progress through a fun story using manual control. It also earns great rewards. This is also not released yet.