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Cryptoblades: Ultimate Starter’s Guide

Written by Regi Stubbs

July 27, 2021


Last updated: 27th of July

It’s every investor’s wet dream. With an ROI of 10% per day, Cryptoblades is an insanely profitable NFT game.

In as little as 10 days, you can make your money back. So it is important that you start as soon as possible. As you get stronger, you can take on stronger opponents that make you even more money.

How much do you earn with CryptoBlades?

The amount earned varies greatly because of their Oracle system which is explained later in this article.

As of the 27th of July, a level 1 character with a level 1 sword costs around 70$ and makes you 9$ per day.

earnings cryptoblades

Note that earnings increase as characters level up. At LVL 11 a character’s earnings increase by around 25%.

How does CryptoBlades work 

To master CryptoBlades, we start with the main aspects, namely the token, characters, weapons and battling.

What’s SKILL?

The CryptoBlades token is called SKILL and is available on ApeSwap. SKILL is something you currently get with battling succesful, and by selling your NFTs.

SKILL allows players to forge weapons, recruit characters, boost weapons, and it’s the main currency used to trade with other players. 

The maximum supply is 1,000,000 SKILL tokens, which is really small compared to most other crypto’s.

CryptoBlades Characters

CryptoBlades Characters (CBC) are the most important NFTs as they will be the ones that fight for you and make you money. They are also the most expensive investment.

cryptoblades characters

Character elements

Each character carries one of the following elements: fire, earth, lightning, or water. Elements are an important factor in battling as some elements can make or break a battle. 


Characters have a fixed amount of stamina that depletes when battling. A full stamina bar contains 200 points whereas a battle consumes 40 points. 

So a full stamina bar allows you to do 5 battles. Stamina regenerates over time by 1 point every 5 minutes. It takes 16.6 hours to regain 200 stamina points.

Leveling up your character

Characters earn XP when winning battles which allows them to proceed to the next level. Higher-level characters have higher base power that earns you more money, making them more valuable.


Every now and then, you have to claim your XP which is done through a blockchain transaction. To reduce the number of transactions, CryptoBlades chose to introduce milestones. These are levels (11, 21, 31, 41, etc.) where you get the bulk of your rewards. 

As of right now, the levels in between provide insignificant bonuses so it only makes sense to claim your XP when you reach the milestone. To know when to do this, you need to know how much XP a milestone requires. You can easily track that in this spreadsheet.

Obtaining a character

If you’re curious about how characters are created, that is done through a mechanic of the game called recruiting. Recruiting costs you a variable amount of SKILL tokens that change continuously depending on the price of SKILL in dollars. On recruiting, you receive a character at level 1 with a random element.

Nowadays a lot of characters have been created, meaning you could also buy a character of another player through the marketplace. Generally, this is cheaper unless you’re creating your first character. This is because CryptoBlades give you a 1 SKILL token starter bonus for creating your first character!

Per account, you can hold a maximum of four characters. However, it is allowed to create several accounts.

CryptoBlades Weapons

Now we’ve got our character, it needs to get a weapon before we can start battling with it.

Weapon elements

Just like characters, each weapon contains one of the 4 primary elements. Matching the element of a weapon to the element of a character will give you a stronger power. 

Also, weapons are available in 5 different rarity types:

The rarity of a weapon determines the amount of attributes, and the minimum and maximum value of its attributes. This value lies between a randomized minimum and maximum value that is determined upon forging.

Weapon rarity Amount of attributes boost (min-max)
1 star 1 4 – 200
2 star 1 180 – 300
3 star 1 280 – 400
4 star 2 200 – 400
5 star 3 268 – 400

Weapon attributes

Weapons carry one or more of the following attributes:

  • DEX: Boosts earth characters
  • STR: Boosts fire characters
  • CHA: Boosts lightning characters
  • INT: Boosts water characters
  • PWR: Boosts all characters
  • BONUS: Boosts all characters.

When a weapon carries a specific attribute like earth, only the earth character will gain a power boost. So it’s important to match the weapon attributes to the characters. Obviously, every character will enjoy boosts from PWR and BONUS attributes.

best weapons cryptoblades

boost statThe bonus power attribute is the only attribute on a CryptoBlades weapon that can be modified by players after forging. You add a bonus to weapons by the in-game mechanic “reforging” which requires you to burn other (usually useless) weapons.

What is LB, 4B and 5B?

The number of weapons that were forged into a weapon can be seen above the bonus power attribute under the name LB, 4B, and 5B.  In CryptoBaldes, LB stands for the amount of 1-, 2-, and 3-star weapons that were forged into the weapon. 4B and 5B stand for the 4-star and 5-star weapons that were forged into it, respectively.

More on reforging later.

As explained previously, an attribute also comes with a number that shows the amount of boost an element receives. Next to the attribute, a percentage sign is shown which is a simplification of the impact of the stat on battling and on earnings.

Obtaining a weapon

Weapons are brought into existence through a game mechanic called “Forging”. This functionality is available at the Blacksmith. Just like recruiting characters, forging requires a small number of SKILL tokens. The exact cost is displayed below the button.

Upon forging, the weapon is given rarity, an element, and attributes at random. This is the drop table:

  1. 44% chance: 1-star weapon
  2. 35% chance: 2-star weapon
  3. 15% chance: 3-star weapon
  4. 5% chance: 4-star weapon
  5. 1% chance: 5-star weapon

How important is the weapon?

The amount a weapon boosts your stats can greatly influence your win rate. Also, higher rarity weapons earn you more SKILL tokens per battle. A decent 5-star weapon increases your earnings up to 50% compared to a 1-star weapon.

The great thing is that all your characters can use one single weapon so if you have 4 characters of the same element, you only need to invest in 1 weapon.


In the Combat tab, you can engage in battles by choosing your character and a weapon. 

After you have chosen your character and weapon you get a choice of 4 enemies based on your calculated strength.

Enemies vary in power level and element type. Higher power levels are more difficult to beat, but offer slightly better rewards.

Also, available enemies refresh every hour, in case you don’t want to fight any of the opponents. 

First, it’s generally smart to choose enemies with a lower power if you want to win as often as possible. Second, don’t fight a dominant element as it significantly decreases your odds.

When you fight an opponent the game will apply some mathematics, fire up the random number generator and choose a winner depending on the highest roll.

All battles take place on the blockchain and require a gas fee to execute.

In practice, you will almost always win. After a battle, you can see the results in a pop-up window.

results pop up cryptoblades

Increasing weapon BOOST with reforging

Burning your weapon into another will increase the stats and value of that weapon. This action also consumes a small amount of SKILL.

Reforging is useful if you have too many weapons and it gives useless weapons more value.

The burned weapon disappears, but you get a weapon with extra power in return.  

When trying to forge four or five-star weapons you will often receive one to three-star weapons. Although you would prefer not to, these weapons can luckily still be used in reforging to add huge amounts of value to one of your favorite weapons.

In CryptoBlades, a forged weapon contains new information in its attributes about what’s forged into it which is represented with the acronyms LB, 4B, and 5B.

  • LB: Low Star Burn, when one to three-star weapons are forged
  • 4B: Four Star Burn, when four-star weapons are forged
  • 5B: Five Star Burn, when five-star weapons are forged

As you can see in the table below, higher rarity weapons, yield more bonus points. Also, you cannot achieve the maximum boost by only sacrificing 3-star weapons or lower. 

Burned weapon rarity Pool name Bonus power per point Maximum total Bonus Power
1,2 or 3 star LB 15 1500
4 star 4B 30 750
5 star 5B 60 600

Thus, the total bonus power from all 3 pools can be up to 2850.

The amount will increase due to the rarity of the weapon and the pool value. Forge increase:

  • 1-star: increase LB with 1 point.
  • 2-star: increase LB with 2 points.
  • 3-star: increase LB with 3 points.
  • 4-star: increase 4B with 1 point.
  • 5-star: increase 5B with 1 point.

How to get started with CryptoBlades

It’s always nice to have an NFT guide to guide you through the process. However, as soon as you come across a Taiwanese video without subtitles, your courage quickly sinks in.

To save you this trouble, we will explain step by step what you need to do. It took us a few hours and some stupid mistakes to find out, but with this clear explanation you will be ready in less than 10 minutes. You just need to download MetaMask, transfer BNB and buy Skill. 

Let’s do this.

Setting-up MetaMask 

Many NFT players have a Wax cloud wallet or Anchor Wallet. For CryptoBlades, your wallet must be compatible with the Binance Smart Chain like MetaMask. 

MetaMask can be installed either as a browser extension or as a mobile app (IOS and android). You do this as follows: 

  1. Metamask download link: Firefox Chrome Microsoft Edge  
  2. Simply follow the setup.

Now you’ve got your MetaMask installed, let’s configure it to comply with the blockchain that CryptoBlades uses: the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since Metamask defaults to Ethereum, we need to make a small adjustment. 

Adding BSC network:

  1. Press the network button at the top, this will show all available networks.
  2. Now add a custom network and fill in:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID : 56

Currency Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer URL :

  1. When filling out you will get a warning. Don’t panic, this is normal.
  2. Save the data and return to the main screen. Pressing the Fox in the upper left corner will bring you back.
  3. Check if MetaMask is now set up on the Binance Smart Chain network. Currency should display BNB.

The setup is ready! You can receive BNB and buy Skill.

Transfer BNB to your MetaMask wallet

One of the biggest obstacles players face is transferring Binance coin (BNB) to MetaMask. 

Indeed, how exactly to do this depends on your situation, possibly you already have existing crypto or you just want to use fiat money. 

In this video it is clearly explained: 

Buying Skill

To buy a character and weapon, the necessities to play, you need SKILL. How much SKILL you need depends on the dollar value of SKILL, but you can easily look this up in the CryptoBlades marketplace. Click “browse characters” or “browse weapons” and then it sort by lowest price. The first available image from the top left then represents the lowest price.

Buying the crypto currency SKILL is done on a decentralized exchange (DEX), which is slightly different from a normal exchange like Binance. A DEX that lists SKILL is ApeSwap.

CryptoBlades has made it a lot easier with the buy SKILL button on their site after which you are taken directly to a specific swap page on ApeSwap. This is the link:

  1. On ApeSwap, at the top of the screen, press “Connect to Wallet” and connect to your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Press confirmations and wait to be connected.
  3. Read the warning, accept and press continue.
  4. Set the fields correctly with BNB set to “Swap From:” 
  5. Choose your desired amount of BNB and click “Swap” and “Confirm Swap”.
  6. Be patient and avoid unnecessary delays by not clicking too often.

Is SKILL not in the list of assets? In that case, you can possibly press “Add Token” it enter the following SKILL contract address: 0x154a9f9cbd3449ad22fdae23044319d6ef2a1fab

Buying character and weapon

If you have successfully completed all the steps, you can finally get started with CryptoBlades. To do this, go to, also found through their official site.

Shopping can always be a bit hectic, but with our steps, you’ll be done quickly. You have to take into account a few important things. 

The element of your character must match your weapon. When you recruit your first character it is assigned an element. Then you buy a weapon with the same element. 

Since you can use the same weapon with all your characters you buy the next 3 characters of the same element. This is basically what the purchasing process boils down to. 

Because of all the stats you can sometimes lose track during the purchase. Of course you don’t want to pay too much for the NFTs. With the following steps and normal prices both problems are solved.  

Buying your character

You should buy your 1st character through the recruiting mechanic, since you’re first character rewards you with 1 SKILL token:

  1. Login on
  2. Press plaza and click on create character.
  3. Your character appears, now check the element.

If you don’t want more than 1 character, please read this section as buying a weapon follows a similar strategy.

If you want more characters, chances are you can get your next characters for a cheaper price. You do this at the market. 

  1. Go to market 
  2. Click ‘’browse character’’
  3. Filter on level (1-10), your character’s element, and sort price (low to high)
  4. Scan what the lowest prices are and preferably buy a character with full stamina or higher level.
  5. Double check that you’re not spending 0.35 BNB for gas fees, in that case reject the transaction and try again.

While searching, the first pages can be filled with characters that display SOLD. You need to keep refreshing to find a deal that’s not sold.

If it becomes too cluttered you can possibly use the marketplace section on the CryptoBaldes discord. Sellers will shout the character’s or weapons stats and ID. Using the “search by ID” button on the marketplace, you can look up the character, carefully look at the price and then hit buy.

Check the video below to see how to buy characters through Discord.

Once you have enough characters, it’s time to get them a nice weapon.

Buying a weapon

It’s best to buy a weapon on the market similar to how you bought your extra characters.

There’s only a few things you should consider:

  1. Weapon element type. As previously mentioned, make sure that the element is similar to your character’s.
  2. Weapon rarity. In most cases a 1 star weapon will suffice. However, if you don’t mind investing more, it could be smart to get a 4 or 5 star weapon. 
  3. Attribute boost. The attribute element boost should be the same element as your character or the neutral PWR stat. 

Amount of boost. Boosts can range from 10 to 400. Higher boosts earn you more SKILL and are more effective in battle, so keep searching for a good deal.

In case you’re wondering which weapon you should get, check our CryptoBlades weapons guide, which includes a video explanation on how to get the best weapon.

Your first fight

It’s time to start fighting. Click on the “Combat” button.

Select your character and then choose your weapon.

The game now generates 4 enemies that can have different elements and power levels. Higher power levels give you more XP and SKILL, but are harder to defeat.

In general, it is smarter to pick the weakest enemy (the lowest power), as the difference in rewards is very minimal.

Be careful not to fight against a dominant element, as this drastically reduces your chance of winning. Against a neutral element (for example, blue against green) is also fine.


Then you just got paid your first SKILL, well done!

Continue until the Stamina bar is empty, which can be up to 5 fights. After that, it will take about 17 hours before your bar is full again and you can get back to work.

Claiming your XP and SKILL tokens

Claiming SKILL

SKILL tokens are not credited immediately, but are stacked in the rewards menu. Until you claim them, they are not yet credited to your account. 

However, claiming comes with a nuance called “early withdraw tax”. The early withdraw tax is there to keep SKILL in play as much as possible and introduces a tax when you withdraw SKILL. 

The tax is an acceptable 15% which then decreases 1% each day. If you don’t withdraw anything for 15 days, the tax is 0% and you can withdraw all your SKILL tax-free.

Claiming XP

Claiming XP can be done separately by clicking on the XP section. Next to the character name you can see the accrued XP that is waiting to be collected. 

Just remember to make sure that you only claim the XP when your character reaches the milestone to avoid paying gas fees too often.

Staking Skill

You get SKILL for SKILL by staking your SKILL holdings (7% APY). In doing so, you will not have access to your skill for 7 days.

If you add new SKILL the slot will not be renewed. In other words, you can add small amounts to the stake without the slot time being extended. 

After seven days, you can withdraw the SKILL without tax directly into your MetaMask wallet. So in this way you can avoid the 15% tax completely.

However, if you stake unclaimed SKILL the Early Withdraw Tax will be renewed. 

Unclaimed SKILL can be staked immediately. In doing so, you will receive an additional 10% In-Game-Only SKILL. 

staking skill

Frequently asked questions

What’s the Oracle?

It sometimes happens that an increase in users exhausts the tokens because there is a limited amount available. 

To prevent this and to keep the economy of CryptoBlades stable, the price oracle has been developed.

The goal of the oracle is to facilitate adoption by continuously balancing the entry cost for new players. The oracle does this by monitoring the dollar value of SKILL, the number of active users, and adjusting the token distribution model (rewards, recruiting, forging, and reforging) based on these statistics. 

Whether this will really work is the real question, but it’s very innovative.

Is CryptoBlades listed on Binance?

No, CryptoBlades is not yet listed on Binance even though it is fully operational on the Binance Smart Chain. 

However, Binance has elected CryptoBlades as one of the top 100 Most Valuable Builders for July 2021. Considering the latest user growth of CryptoBlades, there’s a decent chance that the token will get listed in the near future, so hold on to your tokens.

What are Gas fees?

Since CryptoBlades is a blockchain game, you have to pay transaction fees for some actions that you perform while gaming. This is also called gas fee. For this reason, quite a few NFT players are letting this unique opportunity pass them by.

A gas fee is basically a network fee that helps the blockchain run smoothly. Unfortunately, fees can be very expensive, but this is rarely the case for CryptoBlades. Battling is a blockchain transaction that costs you anywhere from 0.20$ to 0.60$. The good thing is that by battling you earn more than that, so after fees, you’re still making a lot of profit.

Do I have to be actively playing CryptoBlades to make money?

Some games very complex, it takes weeks to master the ins and outs of such NFT games. 

With CryptoBlades you only have to click a few times. You hear it right, you don’t have to be online every hour but only once a day, or to be more precise every 18 hours.  

Are multiple accounts allowed and how do I do that?

Unlike other NFT games, CryptoBlades allows you to create multiple accounts. This is stated on the official site of Cryptoblades. 

MetaMask has made it very easy to manage as they are all tied to your master account. You only have to click on the circle icon in the top right corner of your wallet, and then click on “create new account”.

It’s good practice to name your new account ‘account 2’ and so forth. When you switch back to your main account, you can easily send SKILL or BNB to your 2nd account as MetaMask offers a default option to send between your own accounts.

Each account pays its own gas fee, so you will have to pay more gas if you manage multiple accounts. 

What’s with the early withdrawal tax?

In order to prevent players from leaving early, CryptoBlades has instituted the early exit tax.

This tax starts at 15% and will decrease by 1% daily. Thus, you will be discouraged from withdrawing SKILL early. 

The tax resets to 15% as soon as you withdraw SKILL or when you strike unclaimed SKILL. 

In any case, it is helpful to have more than enough BNB in hand for any gas fees.

How is Power calculated?

At each level, your character will have a different amount of power. You calculate this with the following formula:

charPower=1000+((charLevel-1)∗10)∗(Math.Floor((charLevel-1)/10)+1charPower = 1000 + ((charLevel – 1) * 10) * (Math.Floor((charLevel – 1) / 10) + 1charPower=1000+((charLevel-1)∗10)∗(Math.Floor((charLevel-1)/10)+1

I tried to understand it, but I failed. Sorry.

How to win most battles

If you want to win the most battles possible, you’d have to run the formula for each opponent and choose the opponent with the highest odds in your favor.

Luckily, there’s a web app that can do exactly that:

Common errors CryptoBlades 

The second account is not recognized 

If CryptoBlades does not recognize the second account you should go back to your main account and under the circle icon press the ellipsis button and select the connected sites. 

  1. A list of the sites you have MetaMask connected to will appear. 
  2. Look for and then delete it. 
  3. It will only reset your linking process, so nothing will be deleted. 
  4. Then go back to CryptoBlades 
  5. Reconnect to MetaMask
  6. connect all accounts 
  7. Repeat this process if you want to add an account in the future.

The interface is not loading or lagging

The CryptoBlades NFTs can still cause delays during rendering because of high demand. By simply turning off the 3D graphics, you can reduce the load from your end.

  1. press the cogwheel icon at the top right
  2. then turn off the 3D graphics

If the issue persists, it may be due to high server traffic. Keep refreshing or come back later.

EVM error

If you fight before the hourly reset is performed you may still receive an EVM error. 

Every hour the old enemies list disappears and the enemies list is refreshed. If you perform a combat transaction in the middle of this process the transaction fails. This is because your reference goes to the old enemy. 

Stop fighting and wait until the refresh is complete to avoid failed transactions. 

A high gas fee of 0.285 BNB

Some transactions are not allowed such as trading a weapon with a trading blockade or adding a 5th character. If you do this by accident you will have to pay a gas fee of 0.285 BNB. Of course, do not do this. 

Jammed home screen 

Without skill, the welcome page may freeze. Recruiting your first character takes a minimal amount of SKILL.

Take home message 

The great strength of CryptoBlades is the Price Oracle. The built-in system that balances price fluctuations between SKILL dollar prices and the number of active users. So new players can get in at any time.  

Moreover, the Early withdrawal tax system will prevent people from withdrawing their money spontaneously. Together, Cryptoblades could become one of the most stable passive incomes.