How Much Money Users Make With STEPN
STEPN how much can you earn

Written by Regi Stubbs

April 26, 2022

STEPN is the first crypto project that uses a move-to-earn model – a model that compensates users for being physically active.

Most users report earnings of around 30$ per day, which seems like a nice side income on top of doing your daily steps.

Let’s have a look at how STEPN works, how much you need to invest, and what you can expect to earn.

What’s STEPN and how does it work?

STEPN pays users by walking or running when they are in possession of at least 1 sneaker NFT. So to get started, you first need to buy sneakers in their mobile app.

The costs of sneakers range from 50$ to 50.000$. The more expensive sneakers are more unique and have better stats that make you more money.

Once you have bought sneakers, it’s time to get moving.

First, you are required to switch your GPS on (on your mobile phone). Then you start running or walking. How long you have to move to maximize earnings also depend on your sneakers, but it can range between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

After your workout, your energy is depleted. Energy replenishes 25% every 6 hours, so you’d have to go for a walk or run once per day.

However, the cap can be increased by buying more sneakers.

How much money can you make with STEPN?

With a simple pair of sneakers, you can expect to make 20$ per day. To increase your earnings, you can level them up with the experience that you earn after every workout. More expensive sneakers with better stats can double or even triple the earnings.

If you’re interested, you can install the mobile app and register with your email, but there’s one small problem. You need an activation code to sign up.

How do you get an activation code?

Unfortunately, you cannot just register and start playing. STEPN requires you an activation code. The activation code is distributed to existing users so that they can invite their friends.

It’s really a challenge to get a working activation code with so many people trying to join as activation codes can only be used once.

The best way to get an activation code is to monitor the activation code channel on their Discord channel. Activation codes are posted every few minutes there, but you have to be quick before someone else uses the code.