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Plant vs Undead – Starter Guide

Written by Regi Stubbs

September 16, 2021

Plant vs Undead is a tower defense game where the plants are towers and the enemies are Undead animals.

With a 5-day ROI and over 1 million players, it’s one of the most popular games right now.

Honestly, it was really difficult to find good information about this game, so I did my best to gather as much as I can and format it in the right way.

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to get started with PVU.

So let’s drive right in.

It has 3 modes:

  1. Farming mode: was released on 2nd of August. It allows players to take care of their plants and earn rewards.
  2. Tower defense mode. The tower defense game where your plants fight against the undead. Earn rewards (release?)
  3. PVP mode. Still in development. (Closed beta is active)

It has 2 tokens: PVU and LE. 

Since Farm mode is the only available mode now and the best way to make money, we’ll focus on this for this video.

farming pvu

Farm mode

With farm mode, you can use your plants to generate Light Energy (LE).

To start, you need a piece of land. By default, you can claim a 6-slot land for free.

On your land, you can place 1 mother plant and 5 normal plants.

You also need plants and tools to get started which can be bought from the in-game shop in exchange for LE. 

You have to buy some PVE which you can exchange in-game for LE.

A simple mother tree can be bought from the in-game shop for 200 LE. You can also buy regular plants here called sunflower sapplings for 100 LE.

Sunflower sapplings are temporary plants that give you 250LE in 72h after which they die.

Sunflower mamas are temporary trees that give you 850LE in 144h after which they die.

The sunflowers are not affected by weather conditions and do not produce seeds.


To place a plant on a slot, it needs a pot. You can get either small or big pots. 

Small pots cost 50 LE and will last for 10 days. Big pots cost 100LE and last for 30 days. But big pots also double the likelihood of receiving a seed.

Watering plants

After you placed your plants, they will need water to start farming. Water costs 50 LE for 100 units. Every day a plant needs to be watered 2 times to be fully productive.

Scare crows

As soon as your plant starts farming, there are a 10% chance every 2-10 hours per plant, that a crow appears. The crow will block the production of that plant for 7 days unless you apply a scarecrow. (even if your sunflower sappling only lives for 72 hours, it will block the production/slot for 7 days)

Thus, this makes scare crow essential. They are also relatively affordable costing 20LE for 20 uses.

Daily quest

Every day, you can perform the daily quest, where you have to water the world tree. You need a minimum of 20 water units to do this. The more players do this, the bigger the rewards.

These are the rewards based on the total water that was gifted:

Reward Tier (requirement)

Standard reward

Boost reward*

Reward 1 (Requirement: 4,000,000 water)


1 Sunflower Sapling

Reward 2 (Requirement: 6,000,000 water)


1 Sunflower Sapling

Reward 3 (Requirement: 9,000,000 water)


2 Sunflower Saplings

Reward 4 (Requirement: 12,000,000 water)

1 Sun box

2 Sunflower Saplings

Reward 5 (Requirement: 15,000,000 water)

Every plant is automatically fully watered for the next day + 50LE

4 Sunflower Saplings

*note: This are the boosted rewards from the first week. After the booster week (19-09-2021), remove all the sunflower saplings rewards.

How to get seeds

  1. 100 sunflower saplings can be exchanged for a seed.
  2. lucky reward from a sun box.
  3. Bought through the offering, which is hosted by the developers every now and then. 
  4. Every 24 hours (since activated), each plant has 1% to drop a seed . Light synergy increases this to +2% and big pot +1% seed dropping. Sunflower saplings/Sunflower mama can’t drop the seed.

Good to know is that claiming a seed costs 4 PVU.


Starting strategies

  1. Just do the daily quest

Requires the lowest investment: 50LE / 0.5PVE (5$)

Buy 100 units of water and give the world tree water for 5 days in a row.

Potential earnings during boost: 50 – 250LE / 5 -20 sunflower sapplings / 5 Sun boxes.

Potential earnings after boost: 50 – 250LE / 5 Sun boxes.

Against a rate of 100LE = 1 PVE, you will earn at least 1-2PVE over the course of 5 days (10-20$) 

However, you can get lucky with the sun box and get a seed that you can grow into a plant and sell for 80 PVE.

It’s also a good start for farming, as you can get the sunflower sapplings and materials out of the boxes.

  1. Farm with the minimum required: 1 mother tree or 1 sunflower sappling.

Requires a small investment of 220LE (22$)

You can buy 1 sunflower sapling (100LE), 100 water units (50LE), a pot (50LE), and a scarecrow (20LE). 

This will make you produce a little bit more LE from the start thanks to the plant. The sunflower will give you 250LE in 72h.

Next to that, also perform the daily quest, which adds 50-250LE.

You could make around 300-500LE in 72h, which is around 3-5 PVU (30-50$).

  1. Fill all 6 slots of your free land

Requires a medium investment of 970LE / 9.25PVU (92$)

To fill all 6 slots, you can buy 5 sunflower sapplings and 1 sunflower mama. This will be the total investment:

  1. 5x sunflower sappling = 500LE
  2. 1x sunflower mama = 100LE
  3. 6x small pot = 300 LE
  4. 100 units of water = 50LE
  5. 20 uses scarecrow = 20LE

Of course, also don’t forget to perform the daily quest, which adds 50-250LE.

You could make around 1750LE in 72h, which is around 17.5 PVU (175$).

  1. Buy plants / land from the marketplace

This is for big investments.

The cheapest plant is around 82 PVU. They earn a minimum of 1204/240 LE per hour

Lands start from 1600PVU.

The ROI from farming alone is mainly dependent on whether you receive seed or not. These plants have a 1% chance to receive a seed daily, and this number can be boosted.

Only do this strategy if you know exactly what you’re doing. So work with the right lands, synergies etcetera.

Now let’s discuss some more advanced details: lands, weather events, and synergy.


Lands are plots that you can use to grow your plants. Plants acquired through the marketplace or through the land master offering have an element and also a rarity.

Element. The element of land is important in farming. Plants of similar elements get a production boost.

Rarity. The higher the rarity of the land, the more slots it has to host plants.

Weather events

In PVU the weather can change. Some plants will be affected by this which could increase or decrease the production. You can use the greenhouse item to stay unaffected by the elements. A greenhouse costs 10 LE, has a duration of 1 day, and can be used 10 times.


Having the elements of the land aligned with the plant can give you certain boosts. You do need to have a minimum amount of plants on the plot with the same element. you can see the specific boosts here.

Okay, so I hope this information will make it more clear to you what this game is about, what you can earn and how to get started.

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