How do you make money with play-2-earn?

Blockchain games are usually not free to start. 

You will often need to convert money into a game token before you can get started, just like chips in a casino.

You can then ‘bet’ the chips in the game to earn even more chips.

When you think you’ve earned enough chips, you can have them paid out again and exchange them for cash.

Blockchain games are not casinos, of course. With your chips (crypto tokens) you can usually buy in-game assets such as seeds in a farm game or fighters in a fighting game. 

You can then use these assets to generate a passive income.

Let’s take an example of a simple game called Metal War. 

This game revolved around battle tanks. You first need to buy a battle tank like a “Hamster”. You could get this one on the market for $300. 

Then with this hamster, you could generate income once every day, in crypto jargon, this is also called “mining”.

It was absolutely nothing spectacular, as all you had to do was press a button. You then received 1000 MWM, the cryptotoken of Metal War. 

At the time, 1000 MWM was worth about 30 euros. So you had your investment back within 10 days ($30 * 10 = $300).

What is ROI?

Return of investment (ROI) stands for the period of time it takes for you to get your investment back. It is an important term in the blockchain gaming industry.

Nowadays, all blockchain games are derived from this same concept and you will first have to buy in-game assets that will then generate income for you.

A nice touch is that your NFTs are also worth money. After you buy a few, you don’t lose your money, but you can also resell them to someone else via a marketplace.

Games that become more popular over time often experience that NFTs also increase in price. So you can make money on two fronts.

Buying tokens and investing in NFTs for a daily return of investment (ROI) is the most popular method to make money, but there is one more common method.

That is by simply holding the token of a game.

Some people don’t want to play games, but prefer to just invest because they really believe in a game, but don’t feel like playing. 

Therefore, you can also just buy the token of the game and keep it in your wallet until the game becomes more popular and the token then becomes worth more due to increasing demand.

This often requires some experience though as you need to be able to properly assess which games are going to perform well.


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