Knowing which game to play

Making a lot of money with blockchain gaming is mainly about choosing the right games.

But how do you know which game will do well?

In the following, we’re going to use a bit of fundamental analysis to help us decide if we should invest in a game.

In fundamental analysis, you try to identify the potential or true value of a game (or token). To do this, you need to take into account a number of important points.

Blockchain games differ a lot from one another. For example, they all have a unique team, a unique concept, a unique economy, etcetera. 

Some games are better constructed than others 

Some games can be more interesting than others because they stand out in one or more of these areas.

So fundamental analysis focuses on estimating how good a team is, whether people are going to like the game, and whether the economics of a game is sustainable AND interesting.

In addition, the timing of your entry is also important. After all, you can enter when the game is still to be developed as a seed investor or even long after the game has come out. 

So there are many factors to consider, but you don’t need to worry about that now.

We will cover game selection and timing in a later lesson.


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