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CryptoBlades Weapons Guide

Written by Regi Stubbs

August 1, 2021

When looking for weapons in the CryptoBlades marketplace, you often are most occupied with searching for elements that are equal to your character’s element and with the highest numbers, but how much does this really matter when it comes down to earnings and win rate?

When I crunched the numbers, I found something interesting. It’s not always necessary to get an aligned weapon, especially since they are often the most expensive ones, negatively influencing your ROI.

So let’s just talk about the best weapon you should get with your budget, your investment goal, and which weapon brings in the most profit and highest win rate.

What aspects of the weapon influence how much you can earn?

Basically, only 2 things matter when it comes to earning potential in CryptoBlades. That is:

  1. attributes of a cryptoblades weaponthe total attribute points.
  2. the total bonus power.

bonus power of a cryptoblades weapon

Total attribute points dominate earning potential

The biggest increase in earnings is influenced by the total amount of attribute points. More points equals more earnings.

As an example, if you have a 1-star weapon with 100 points to whatever element, you’d make $2.96 per day per character.

cryptoblades earnings low-star weapon

If the 1-star weapon would have 200 points, you’d make $3.24 per day (10% increase).

Just to show the insignificance of a 2-star weapon, a 2-star weapon with only 200 points, would make the same as the previous 1-star weapon with similar points.

Lastly, a 5-star weapon with 800 points, which is the maximum, would make you $5.27 per character per day (78% increase).

Contrary to what most people think, this barely matters whether the element of an attribute is similar to your character or not. Having all elements aligned (also called Pure) can only increase earnings up to 2%, compared to having all different sorts of elements.

aligned, pure weapon vs unaligned weapon

And since a 4 to 5-star Pure weapon is 5-10 times more expensive, they are obviously not a smart investment when it comes to earning potential. 

Total bonus points greatly increase earning potential

Bonus points are the 2nd biggest influence on how much you can potentially earn with CryptoBlades. In case you didn’t know, bonus points can be added to swords by reforging old weapons into them. This amount is also displayed on the front end of the card.

Using a fully-boosted sword in combat (which equals 2500 points) can increase your 4-character monthly earnings by 100$.

But the impact of bonus points decreases for higher rarity weapons as adding bonus power to a 1-star weapon increases earning potential by 30% while adding bonus power to a 5-star weapon increases earning potential by just 10%.

What aspects of the weapon influence often you win?

Whether you beat your opponent or not, is not related to attribute points or bonus points. 

Because when your weapon has a high total of attribute points, the system will also generate higher-level opponents.

The only thing that matters when it comes to winning rate is all about element alignment and NOT the total amount of attributes.

In summary, having all three elements aligned: character, weapon, and attribute, increases the win rate by 4%. Having a Power attribute increases your win rate by 2%, and lastly, in case your attribute element is either of those, you don’t gain any extra win rate.

This is how it works.

There are several calculations that occur during a fight, but I will do my best to explain them as clearly as possible.

As soon as you click “fight” the following happens:

The system first calculates the strength of ONLY the weapon attribute(s) which is called your alignment power. Only the alignment power is responsible for increasing your actual win rate.

Having the elements of your character, weapon, and attributes aligned increases your roll power by 4%. Power attributes are considered neutral and increase your roll power by 2%. In case all elements are off, you gain 0 extra roll power. This is how the formula looks:

formula combat cryptoblades

We won’t be going too deep into this, but whether you actually win the fight also depends on the element of your enemy (if it’s dominant or not) and the random number that has been generated, which could be 90% or 110% of your final power. In case you do want to know more about the entire mechanics of the combat system, let me know down in the comments and I’ll make a seperate video on that.


Alright. In conclusion, a weapon with a lot of attribute points makes you up to 75% more in profit. 

best weapon cryptobladesHowever, when it comes to the win rate the number of attribute points doesn’t say anything. The only thing that increases your win rate is whether the elements of your characters, sword, and attributes are aligned. That is, full alignment vs. zero alignment increases your win rate by 4%. 

Since the average win rate with bad weapons is already higher than 75%, this increase is rather insignificant, and only interesting when talking about a very long-term play.

The biggest difference is seen in increasing the reward potential, or by having a weapon with high attribute stats and that’s why we mainly recommend getting a 4 to a 5-star weapon with a lot of attribute points. 

Especially, considering the difference in how much you need to invest. 

If you can find a 4 to 5-star weapon with just 1 matching attribute or even just a neutral Power attribute, it’s absolutely perfect.

Completely new to CryptoBlades?

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